About the Cake!

I love white wedding cake! I think it’s the best! What’s your favorite flavor? Today’s brides and grooms have many flavors to choose from. Lemon, carrot cake, chocolate, red velvet and many more delicious flavors are available to delight almost everyone’s taste buds. The wedding cake is an important part of the wedding reception festivities. It’s also very important because it becomes a focal point of the decor. The cake usually sits near the head table and its linen, most of the times,match. Wedding cakes are different from the cakes of earlier times. Cakes didn’t taste good then, but, now the cake is expected to be ‘off the chart’ when it comes to taste! They can range from a couple of hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars based on the size and the number of tiers (from one to multiple layers), type of icing (Royal, Fondant, Butter Cream, Cream Cheese, Ganache, etc.,) and the amount of details that go into decorating the cake, such as labor intensive handmade sugar flowers, and other expensive details like edible metallic that determine the cost. Make sure you meet with a baker who comes highly recommended to you by a good source. To avoid being disappointed on your wedding day, check out a couple of bakers and hire the one you can trust to carry out your vision of a beautiful and delicious cake on your wedding day. A good baker will teach you the things you need to know about your cake. Make sure that you schedule a cake tasting so you can taste the cake for flavor, moistness, and texture to help you decide whether or not you want the baker to service you. Click on the link below if you want to know more on the subject of different wedding cake flavors. I hope you find the list interesting and helpful.