Balloon Columns

Balloons, balloons, balloons! They are timeless and decorative and work well for any occasion.

Balloon decor has morphed into something that is bigger, more beautiful, and more complex, but nevertheless, breathtaking and more creative than ever before!

These columns could be done in any shape, height, width, various colors and accessories that include flowers, greenery, lights, and any other material that you could imagine. Currently, swagged balloons over a backdrop and balloons swagged across the sweetheart table is very popular.

Prices can be very inexpensive for balloon decor; however, any of the following could drive up the cost: the height, shape, and the number of colors used to create the column, including the accessories.

If you are looking for a way to brighten your event and take your decor up a notch, consider adding a couple of balloon columns or balloons for your table decor. You'll be thrilled with the outcome! #parexcelevents #parties #birthday #wedding #anniversary #weddingplanner #eventplanninganddecoratitsfinest #gradparties #brideandgroom #engaged

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